This is Poppy’s bedroom/bathroom. Excuse the pink explosion. I just couldn’t help myself :P I’m using The Claw in Lucky Palms for their house. I plan on doing some demolition to the kitchen/living spaces, and making a nice party room in the garage so I can turn it into a 4 bedroom house, but it’s coming along. Slowly. Once I get all of the sets I need to build, built the updates will definitely flow faster. I’ve just been really busy with RL stuff, so when I get on at night I’ve been working to decorate the rooms I need for the Bandmates next update. 

and Hi! To all the new followers! I need to whip up another follower gift soon! :)

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    oh my god, so in love !
  2. simdictedmira said: Hello, I’ve got a few questions, may you can help me out?? Where can I find the wallpaper for download? And the great wall paintings with the type? Amazing room!!!
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    I’m in love *_* Looks awesome. Wish my Sim could have a room like this one xD The wall looks like having a gradient. I...
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    Ill take 2 of these please! That closet is awesome.
  8. edie-enpointe said: For a second, I thought it was a real bedroom..
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